Searching for the missing and the vulnerable in Kent


Kent Search & Rescue Dogs train air scenting search dog handlers and supports to operate as search dog teams, who are deployed throughout Kent to assist in locating vulnerable missing people for Kent Police, other emergency services and search organisations elsewhere in the UK when called upon.

We are highly trained team of volunteers, within Kent Search & Rescue ready to deploy rapidly alongside foot teams, bike and boat teams in order to undertake effective search & rescue operations.

The Search Dog Teams are all members of NSARDA Kent which is a member of The National Search And Rescue Dog Association.

Kent Search & Rescue Dogs - NSARDA Kent

Why is this service required?

In Kent alone an average 19,000 people go missing every year. A small proportion are considered vulnerable and in a life-threatened situation.  These may include the elderly and confused persons, those suffering from dementia and alzheimers, despondent people, children, walkers and sometimes victims of crime.  The search dog teams are called upon to find missing people by tracking their scent in the air.

We aim to alleviate the suffering and distress, not only to the missing person but to their families, and to reduce the pressures of manpower resources of the police and other emergency services.

How we operate:

Bryn (Border Collie)As a voluntary organisation Kent Search & Rescue Dogs provide their services completely free of charge.  Members are people from all walks of life, each committing a vast amount of their time to train, attend searches and go fundraising.  Their strong dedication is the drive allowing the unit to provide this extremely valuable service all year round.

All the dogs are owned by their handlers and live with them.  They are as much their loved pets as they are their working dogs.

Kent Search & Rescue Dogs rely entirely on public donations to be able to operate.

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